Sting Alarms

Branding & Marketing 

A strategic approach to brand awareness and a competitive edge in the evolving home security industry. With consideration to emerging technologies, I will show you how I plan to implement an automated, optimized, efficient marketing machine that supports the most important core value of the business…

the brand.  

Why you should consider me to lead your branding & marketing

I will create a strong consistent strategy that will help your company establish a strong foothold and long term position online and in the minds of your potential customers. A key to this is focusing on local market techniques to build trust and authority where intent when searching for home security – as understood by Google – is in local providers, and where competition is rarely investing their efforts.

By taking the steps to build brand authority through all applicable channels, you will already have the upper hand on your existing competition, as given data shows that most local businesses are not even current in the activities that their customers expect online. This goes beyond a simple website that asks for visitor information. With a compelling story, message and offer, companies can see resonating growth and shifts in their market position.

I will bring an overall lift to the Sting Alarm brand and it’s market share by creating a holistic digital and direct marketing strategy that implements automated technologies to streamline necessary marketing tasks and also focuses on building the technical structure needed for long term success in digital marketing and online brand visibility.


Supporting Documents


A show of my experience and insights into the techniques and marketing processes I am proficient in.

CPA and Sample Pricing Structure

This document expresses estimated costs of alternative pricing plans to show potential for sales of promotional packages generated through marketing.

Plans of Action

A brainstorm of tactics and techniques I plan to implement while leading an improved approach to Sting Alarms’ company branding and marketing efforts in residential security.

The signs are clear, customers look for home security online, are you who they find?

According to google search trends, as displayed here, it’s clear to see the high volumes of searches and interest in the home security and smart home niches

Steady growth in home security trends

Increasing interest smart home industry that shows sustainable growth

Marketing Channels

A diversified and foundational approach to customer acquisition. By developing an omni-present coverage playbook for campaign messages, we will build authority that will natural boost organic channels as we become more present locally, and market by market as we expand. Creating this kind of marketing synergy requires 3 main aspects:


ie websites, organic landing pages, social pages, vehicle wraps, subscribers (email, push, chat)


guest posts, backlinks, shares, referrals and channels of promotion from outside sources


social media marketing, native ads, display ads, billboards, direct mail, search marketing or ppc, sponsorships

Expected Marketing Metrics

Typical numbers based off experience running previous campaigns in the home security industry in the Las Vegas market.  These numbers DO NOT reflect the other brand marketing and awareness campaigns whose benefits are long term; this is strictly based on lead generation campaigns to support immediate ROI and sales numbers. 

50-100 Monthly Leads 

$10-25 Cost/Lead 

$100 Avg. Cost Per Conversion

8-15 Monthly Conversions

Existing properties that I maintain and own will bring in a small number of consistent inbound leads as well. Furthermore, these properties will provide a very large boost in passing valuable online authority to the projects that I will maintain and optimize.

Asking Commitment

 Position: Director of Marketing

$5,500 Monthly Salary 

$2,500 Monthly Branding and Marketing Budget

$25 Commission on Marketing Generated Leads That Close

8% Gross Revenue Share of New Business (3/mo grace period)

10% Annual Raise (5 year plan)

Daniel Voiss


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